Dear Visitor, welcome to my website!
The aim of this side is to show more of the world of the perfins.
The site’s language is English.
I tried to range the stamps in more transparency category.
You can search for stamps in specific countries. On teh left side you can see the list of the countries.
You can use the search function in many other way.
For example you can search for stamps by the catalogue of Michel. If you are looking for the English Michel 323 stamp, you should write in the search box “Great Britain, Michel 323“.
You can search for stamps by their punctures. For example if You are searching the PAC puncture, you should type in the search box: “punch: PAC
It’s worth to check in the Special category. For example you will find double punctures, incomplete punctures here.
I hope you get a lot of useful information about the perfins while you visiting the side.
The page also has a stamp shop, where I would like to sell or trade the stamps which are unnecessary for me.
The stamp shop is HERE.

If you need any information, you can inquire at perfinmania2016@gmail.com .